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Individual Papers:
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Eddy Gisonda

The Eighth Sir Harry Gibbs Memorial Oration
The Honourable Robert French
Giving and Taking Offence

Chapter One
Brendan O’Neill
Hatred: A Defence

Chapter Two
John Roskam and Morgan Begg
Prior v QUT & Ors [2016]

Chapter Three
The Honourable Tony Abbott
Cultural Self-Confidence: That is What is Missing

Chapter Four
The Honourable Chris Kourakis
In re Revenue Taxation & the Federation: The States v The Commonwealth

Chapter Five
Jeffrey Goldsworthy
Is Legislative Supremacy Under Threat?: Statutory Interpretation, Legislative Intention, and Common Law Principles

Chapter Six
Lael K. Weis
Originalism in Australia

Chapter Seven
Simon Steward
Taxation of Multinationals: OECD Guidelines and the Rule of Law

Chapter Eight
James Allan
Australian Universities, Law Schools and Teaching Human Rights

Chapter Nine
Margaret Cunneen
Great Harm to Innocent People: An ICAC story

Chapter Ten
David Smith
The Dismissal: Reflections 40 Years On

Chapter Eleven
Don Morris
Reserve Powers of the Crown: Perils of Definition

Chapter Twelve
Ken Coghill
The Speaker

Chapter Thirteen
Peter Patmore
Clerks of Houses of Parliament