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Individual Papers:
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Julian Leeser

The Seventh Sir Harry Gibbs Memorial Oration
Nicholas Cowdery
Magna Carta: Its History & Enduring Relevance

Chapter One
John O’Sullivan
When Respectability Loses Her Virtue

Chapter Two
James Dalziel
Why Conservatives and Progressives Think Differently: Insights from Moral Psychology

Chapter Three
David Tomkins
Implied Freedoms and Political Donations: The Unions New South Wales and McCloy cases

Chapter Four
Neil Foster
Religious Freedom and the Law in Australia

Chapter Five
Mark Fowler
The Courts and the Marriage Debate

Chapter Six
James Allan
Judicial Appointments: Need for a Policy

Chapter Seven
John Bannon
The Rocky Road of Federal-State Relationships

Chapter Eight
Scott Ryan
Competitive Federalism: A Reassessment

Chapter Nine
Jane Reynolds
Australian Colossus—Sir Henry Parkes, 1815-1896

Chapter Ten
Michael Mischin
Aboriginal Recognition and the Constitution of Western Australia

Chapter Eleven
Julian Leeser
Competing Proposals for Recognition: An Evaluation