Volume 26 Contents

Proceedings Volume 26 complete

Individual Papers:
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Julian Leeser

The Sixth Sir Harry Gibbs Memorial Oration
The Honourable Justice R.R.S. Tracey
The Constitution Goes to War

Chapter One
Professor Anne Twomey
Williams Revisited – The Commonwealth Constrained but Chaplains Resurrected

Chapter Two
The Honourable Gary Johns
Constitutions I Have Known

Chapter Three
Peter Crone
A Voyage Towards Responsible Government: The National Commission of Audit and Reform of the Federation

Chapter Four
Senator David Leyonhjelm
The Case for Competitive Federalism

Chapter Five
Senator Bob Day
The World is Run by those who Show Up

Chapter Six
Antony Green
Toying with the Senate: Re-run of the Senate election in Western Australia and Proposals for Reform

Chapter Seven
Peter Wertheim
The Case against Changing Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act

Chapter Eight
Simon Breheny
The Case for Changing Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act

Chapter Nine
The Honourable Jerrold Cripps
The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption: Time for a Re-think?

Chapter Ten
Sir David Smith
The Australian Honours System: In the Beginning

Chapter Eleven
Professor David Flint
“The” Republic, Royals and Religion

Chapter Twelve
The Honourable Michael Mischin
State Attorneys-General as First Law Officers and Constitutional Litigants

Obituary: Bryan Pape
Professor George Williams
Bryan Pape and his Legacy to the Law