Make A Bequest

Your legacy to Australia’s future

A bequest made to the Samuel Griffith Society is your contribution – your legacy – to upholding Australia’s Constitution for present and future generations. It is a way of ensuring that the legal principles upon which Australia was founded remain secure. Supporting the Samuel Griffith Society in this way means you become an integral part of our ongoing commitment to this cause.

There are several ways you can leave a bequest to The Samuel Griffith Society:

Specific bequest
This specifies the type of gift – money, assets, art works or other personal property.

Fractional bequest
This can be expressed as either a percentage of your estate (eg 10%) or as a fraction (one tenth) of your estate. This type of bequest holds its value regardless of inflation.

Residue bequest
This is expressed as all or part of the remainder of your estate once all your other beneficiaries have received their inheritance.

Alternative bequest
This sets the provision that if any named beneficiary cannot accept your bequest, then the Samuel Griffith Society will benefit in their place.

Your Will
Your Will is probably one of the most important documents you will ever sign. It allows you to decide how your assets will be distributed, who you wish to benefit, and to what extent.

A Will must be carefully planned, drawn up, and executed to ensure your wishes will be effectively carried out. The Samuel Griffith Society recommends you consult a solicitor, a trustee officer from a trustee company, or the Public Trustee when drafting your Will. If you already have a Will and you wish to support The Samuel Griffith Society by way of a bequest but do not wish to rewrite the entire document, what is known as a ‘codicil’ can be drawn up to accomplish this purpose.

Please let us know
By sharing your intentions with us, we can answer any questions you may have, discuss how your contribution can best be used to make a difference, and ensure that your wishes are fulfilled.

Informing us of your wish to support the work of the Samuel Griffith Society will also allow us to plan for the future. Most importantly, it will give us the opportunity to thank you for your gift.