Volume 6 Contents

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Individual Papers: (Please note that the page numbering of the individual papers mirrors that of the parent volume for the sake of consistency.)

John Stone

Dinner Address
Hon Jan Wade MLA
The Future of the Federation

John Stone

Chapter One
Rt Hon Sir Garfield Barwick AK GCMG
A View on External Affairs

Chapter Two
S E K Hulme AM QC
The Foreign Affairs Power : The State of the Debate

Chapter Three
Des Moore
Duplication and Overlap : An Exercise in Federal Power

Chapter Four
Dr Greg Craven
The High Court and the States

Chapter Five
Dr Colin Howard
The Second Native Title Case

Chapter Six
Professor Austin Gough
The New Official Religion : The Hindmarsh Island and La Trobe Affairs

Chapter Seven
Rt Hon Sir Harry Gibbs GCMG AC KBE
Does Australia need a Bill of Rights?

Chapter Eight
Professor Ken Minogue
Constitutional Mania : A Preliminary Diagnosis

Chapter Nine
Harry Evans
Citizen Initiated Referendums : Adjunct or Antithesis to Constitutional Government?

Chapter Ten
Professor Patrick O’Brien
Sovereigns not Subjects : The Need for More Direct Democracy

Chapter Eleven
John Nethercote
The Engineers Case: Seventy Five Years On

Rt Hon Sir Harry Gibbs GCMG AC KBE
Concluding Remarks

Appendix I