Volume 25 Contents

Proceedings Volume 25 complete

Individual Papers:
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Julian Leeser

The Fifth Sir Harry Gibbs Memorial Oration
The Honourable Dyson Heydon
Sir Samuel Griffith as Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia

Chapter One
Greg Craven
A Federalist Agenda for the Government’s White Paper

Chapter Two
Anne Twomey
Money, Power and Pork-Barrelling: Expenditure of Public Money without Parliamentary Authorisation

Chapter Three
Keith Kendall
Comparative Federal Income Tax

Chapter Four
J. B. Paul
Independents and Minor Parties in the Commonwealth Parliament

Chapter Five
Ian McAllister
Reforming the Senate Electoral System

Chapter Six
Malcolm Mackerras
Electing the Australian Senate: In Defence of the Present System

Chapter Seven
Gim Del Villar
The Kable Case

Chapter Eight
Nicholas Cater
The Human Rights Commission: a Failed Experiment

Chapter Nine
Damien Freeman
Meagher, Mabo and Patrick White’s tea-cosy – 20 Years On

Chapter Ten
Dean Smith
Double Celebration: The Referendum that did not Proceed

Chapter Eleven
Bridget Mackenzie
Rigging the Referendum: How the Rudd Government Slanted the Playing Field for Constitutional Change — The Abuse of the Referendum (Machinery Provisions) Act

Chapter Twelve
The Honourable Gary Johns
Recognition: History Yes, Culture No