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Individual Papers:
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Julian Leeser

The Fourth Sir Harry Gibbs Memorial Oration
Senator the Honourable George Brandis
In Defence of Freedom of Speech

Chapter One
The Honourable Ian Callinan
Defamation, Privacy, the Finkelstein Report and the Regulation of the Media

Chapter Two
Michael Sexton
Flights of Fancy: The Implied Freedom of Political Communication 20 Years On

Chapter Three
The Honourable Justice J.D. Heydon
Sir Samuel Griffith and the Making of the Australian Constitution

Chapter Four
The Honourable Christian Porter
Federal–State Relations and the Changing Economy

Chapter Five
The Honourable Richard Court
A Federalist Agenda for Coast to Coast Liberal (or Labor) Governments

Chapter Six
Keith Kendall
The Case for a State Income Tax

Chapter Seven
Josephine Kelly
The Constitutionality of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act

Chapter Eight
The Honourable Gary Johns
Native Title 20 Years On: Beyond the Hyperbole

Chapter Nine
Lorraine Finlay
Indigenous Recognition: Some Issues

Chapter Ten
J.B. Paul
Speaker of the House