Volume 22 Contents

Proceedings Volume 22 complete

Individual Papers:
(Please note that the page numbering of the individual papers mirrors that of the parent volume for the sake of consistency.)

J. R. Nethercote

Dinner Address: The Third Sir Harry Gibbs Memorial Oration
Bryan Pape
Stopping Stimulus Spending, or Is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Controlling the Executive?

Introductory Remarks
Julian Leeser

Chapter One
Andrew Podger
The Case for Increased Commonwealth Involvement in Health

Chapter Two
Dr Dan Norton
The Case for Less Commonwealth Involvement in State Government Services: A Practical View Based Around Exploiting Competition, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Chapter Three
Lorraine Finlay
The Attack on Property Rights

Chapter Four
Hon. Keith De Lacy
Tax Reform: The Resource Super Profits Tax and how not to do it

Chapter Five
Grant Donaldson, SC, and Richard Douglas
The National Broadband Network and the Acquisition of Property

Chapter Six
Professor Jonathan Pincus
Revisiting Proposals for a State Income Tax

Chapter Seven
Des Moore
John Stone, Federalism and the Commonwealth Treasury

Chapter Eight
Hon. Justice J. D. Heydon
The Public Life of John and Nancy Stone

Chapter Nine
John Stone
Some Words of Thanks

Chapter Ten
Hon. Justice J. Gilmour
Kirk: Newton’s apple fell

Chapter Eleven
Hon. Christian Porter
Parliamentary Democracy, Criminal Law and Human Rights Bodies

Chapter Twelve
Hon. Colin Barnett, Premier of Western Australia
Federalism in 2010

Concluding Remarks
Sir David Smith, KCVO, AO