Volume 21 Contents

Proceedings Volume 21 complete

Individual Papers:
(Please note that the page numbering of the individual papers mirrors that of the parent volume for the sake of consistency.)

John Stone

Dinner Address
Professor Ivan Shearer, AM, RFD
The Australian Bill of Rights Debate: The International Law Dimension

Introductory Remarks
Julian Leeser

Chapter One
Hon Christian Porter, MLA
The Brennan Committee

Chapter Two
Miranda Devine
Human Rights Bureaucracies

Chapter Three
Dr David Bennett, AC, QC
Rights in the Constitution

Chapter Four
Bryan Pape
The Tax Bonus Case; or Did the Commonwealth cry “Wolf”?

Chapter Five
Professor Jonathan Pincus
Mutual Recognition and Regulatory Competition

Chapter Six
Professor Scott Prasser
The Virtues of Upper Houses

Chapter Seven
Professor Dean Jaensch, AO
The Attack on Australia’s Democracy?

Chapter Eight
Professor James Allan
The Magical Powers of Judges and University Administrators

Chapter Nine
John Nethercote
A Note on Referendum Majorities

Chapter Ten
Hon John Hatzistergos, MLC
Parliamentary Will v. Statutory Bill: The Important Role of Legislatures in Progressive Social Change

Chapter Eleven
Hon Bruce Debelle, QC
Judicial Appointments: The Case for Reform

Chapter Twelve
Alan Anderson
How Judicial Appointments Reform Threatens our Democracy

Concluding Remarks
Sir David Smith, KCVO, AO