Volume 20 Contents

Proceedings Volume 20 complete

Individual Papers:
(Please note that the page numbering of the individual papers mirrors that of the parent volume for the sake of consistency.)

John Stone

Dinner Address
Hon Ian Callinan, AC
Superior Courts in the Republic of Australia

John Stone
Introductory Remarks

Chapter One
Dr Nicholas Aroney
The Idea of a Federal Commonwealth

Chapter Two
Professor James Allan
Implied Rights and Federalism: Inventing Intentions while Ignoring Them

Chapter Three
Paul Sheehan
The Rule of Lawyers, not Law

Chapter Four
Peter Faris, QC
Human Rights Legislation and Australian Sovereignty

Chapter Five
Senator the Hon George Brandis, SC
A Collision Waiting to Happen? The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Australian Domestic Policy

Chapter Six
Alan Oxley
‘Global Warming’ and its Discontents:
The Threat of Populism to Sovereignty and Prosperity

Chapter Seven
Dr Matt Harvey
The Treaty of Lisbon: A Federal Constitution that Dares not Speak its Name?

Chapter Eight
Professor David Flint, AM
‘Supreme Summit Smashes Creaky Constitution’: Pravda

Chapter Nine
Professor John McGinniss
An Opinionated History of the Federalist Society

Chapter Ten
Dr Anne Twomey
Commonwealth Coercion and Co-operation

Chapter Eleven
Professor Kenneth Wiltshire
Chariot Wheels Federalism

Concluding Remarks
Sir David Smith, KCVO, AO

Appendix 1
Australia Day Messages 2006-2008

Appendix 2