Volume 19 Contents

Proceedings Volume 19 complete

Individual Papers:
(Please note that the page numbering of the individual papers mirrors that of the parent volume for the sake of consistency.)

John Stone

Dinner Address
Professor Geoffrey Blainey AC
What should we say about our Federation?

John Stone
Introductory Remarks

Chapter One
Julian Leeser
Work Choices: Did the States run dead?

Chapter Two
John Gava
Can Judges resuscitate Federalism?

Chapter Three
Professor James Allan
When does Precedent become a Nonsense?

Chapter Four
Eddy Gisonda
Work Choices: A Betrayal of Original Meaning?

Chapter Five
Hon Dr David Hamill
W(h)ither Federalism?

Chapter Six
Ben Davies
The Politics of Federalism

Chapter Seven
Dr Charles Parkinson
Bills of Rights: Some Reflections on Commonwealth Experience

Chapter Eight
Paul Houlihan
A Constitutional Fairy Tale

Chapter Nine
Dr Anne Twomey
The Queen of Australia

Chapter Ten
Michael Manetta
Sovereignty in the Australian Federation

Chapter Eleven
Dr Geoffrey Partington
Thoughts on Terra Nullius


Sir David Smith KCVO AO