Volume 12 Contents

Proceedings Volume 12 complete

Individual Papers: (Please note that the page numbering of the individual papers mirrors that of the parent volume for the sake of consistency.)

John StoneForeword

Dinner Address
Rt Hon Sir Harry Gibbs GCMG AC KBE
The Erosion of National Sovereignty

John Stone
Inroductory Remarks

Chapter One
John Stone
Setting the Sovereignty Scene: Use and Abuse of the Treaty Power

Chapter Two
Hon Peter Walsh AO
The UN Convention on Refugees and its Implications for Australia’s Sovereignty

Chapter Three
Hon Max Bradford MP (NZ)
The ILO and Sovereignty: New Dawn or Dinosaur?

Chapter Four
Ray Evans
The Kyoto Protocol: Fast Road to Global Governance

Chapter Five
Ruth McColl SC
The Argument against Mandatory Sentencing

Chapter Six
Hon Denis Burke MLA
Mandatory Sentencing: A Catalyst for Debate

Chapter Seven
Sir David Smith KCVO AO
The Referendum: A Post-Mortem

Chapter Eight
Peter Ryan MM
The Whitlam Years: A Retrospect

Chapter Nine
Dr Nancy Stone
The Referendum Debate: A Note on Press Coverage

Chapter Ten
Malcolm Mackerras
The Inner Metropolitan Republic

Chapter Eleven
Professor Geoffrey Blainey AC
A Black Arm-Band for Australia’s 20th Century?

Chapter Twelve
Professor David Flint AM
A Century of Achievement

Concluding Remarks
Rt Hon Sir Harry Gibbs GCMG AC KBE

Appendix I
Hon Peter Walsh AO
Address Launching vol 11 of Upholding the Australian Constitution

Appendix II: Occasional Address
Professor Kenneth Minogue
Civil Identity and the Anglosphere in Australia

Appendix III: Occasional Address
Professor Kenneth Minogue
National Sovereignty versus Internationalism: The Importance of Repealability

Appendix IV