Volume 11 Contents

Proceedings Volume 11 complete

Individual Papers: (Please note that the page numbering of the individual papers mirrors that of the parent volume for the sake of consistency.)

John Stone

Dinner Address
Professor David Flint
The Republic Referendum: Mere Symbolism or Substantial Change?

John Stone
Inroductory Remarks

Chapter One
Professor Greg Craven
The Republican Debate and the True Course of Constitutional Conservatism

Chapter Two
Sir David Smith KCVO AO
‘What a nice Referendum — Pity about the Debate’

Chapter Three
Michael Warby

Chapter Four
Rt Hon Sir Harry Gibbs GCMG AC KBE
A Preamble: The Issues

Chapter Five
Hon Gary Johns
A Bill of Rights: The Ultimate in Participation or an Immature Stage in our Development?

Chapter Six
Hon Justice Roderick Meagher
Civil Rights and Other Impediments to Democracy

Chapter Seven
Dr John Forbes
Judicial Tidy-up or Takeover? Centralism’s Next Stage

Chapter Eight
Dr Geoffrey Partington
Republicanism and the Repudiation of post-1788 Australia

Chapter Nine
Ray Evans
Getting Serious about Sovereignty

Chapter Ten
Malcolm Mackerras
Thoughts on the 1949 Reform of the Senate

Chapter Eleven
Dr Philip Ayres
Federalism and Sir Owen Dixon

Concluding Remarks
Rt Hon Sir Harry Gibbs GCMG AC KBE

Appendix I