All Proceedings by Date

Papers presented at the Society’s conferences are published first in hard copy as Proceedings with the generic title: Upholding the Australian Constitution. They are subsequently published here on our website. Hard copy versions of the Proceedings (including older volumes) may be ordered by using the link in the left-hand menu.

Listed below are details of the Society’s Proceedings (in reverse chronological order), with brief descriptions and links to more complete information, including downloads of entire volumes or individual papers within them. (Volumes and papers are available in PDF only.)

Volume 28 : 2016 : Adelaide : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: Tony Abbott, James Allan, Morgan Begg, Ken Coghill, Margaret Cunneen, Robert French, Eddy Gisonda, Jeffrey Goldsworthy, Christopher Kourakis, Don Morris, Brendan O’Neill, Peter Patmore, John Roskam, David Smith, Simon Steward, Lael Weis]

Volume 27 : 2015 : Canberra : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: James Allan, John Bannon, Nicholas Cowdery, James Dalziel, Neil Foster, Mark Fowler, Julian Leeser, Michael Mischin, John O’Sullivan, Jane Reynolds, Scott Ryan, David Tomkins]

Volume 26 : 2014 : Melbourne : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: Simon Breheny, The Honourable Jerrold Cripps, Peter Crone, Senator Bob Day, Professor David Flint, Antony Green, The Honourable Gary Johns, Julian Leeser, Senator David Leyonhjelm, The Honourable Michael Mischin, Sir David Smith, The Honourable Justice R.R.S. Tracey, Professor Anne Twomey, Peter Wertheim, Professor George Williams]

Volume 25 : 2013 : Sydney : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: Nicholas Cater, Greg Craven, Gim Del Villar, Damien Freeman, The Honourable Dyson Heydon, The Honourable Gary Johns, Keith Kendall, Julian Leeser, Bridget Mackenzie, Malcolm Mackerras, Ian McAllister, J. B. Paul, Dean Smith, Anne Twomey]

Volume 24 : 2012 : Brisbane : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: Senator the Honourable George Brandis, The Honourable Ian Callinan, The Honourable Richard Court, Lorraine Finlay, The Honourable Justice J.D. Heydon
The Honourable Gary Johns, Josephine Kelly, Keith Kendall, Julian Leeser, J.B. Paul, The Honourable Christian Porter, Michael Sexton]

Volume 23 : 2011 : Hobart : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: James Allan, Scott Bennett, The Honourable Ian Callinan, The Honourable William Cox, Murray Cranston, The Honourable Robert Ellicott, The Honourable Michael Field, The Honourable Justice J. D. Heydon, Benjamin Jellis, M.R.L.L. Kelly, Julian Leeser, The Honourable Michael Mischin, MLC, L. J. Neasey, Paul Pirani, A.J. Stoker]

Volume 22 : 2010 : Perth : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: Hon. Colin Barnett, Hon. Keith De Lacy, AM, Grant Donaldson, SC, Richard Douglas, Lorraine Finlay, Hon. Justice John Gilmour, Hon. Justice Dyson Heydon, AC, Julian Leeser, Des Moore, J.R. Nethercote, Dr Dan Norton, Bryan Pape, Professor Emeritus Jonathan Pincus, Andrew Podger, Hon. Christian Porter, Sir David Smith, KCVO, AO, John Stone]

Volume 21 : 2009 : Adelaide : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Professor Ivan Shearer, Julian Leeser, Hon Christian Porter, Miranda Devine, Dr David Bennett, Bryan Pape, Professor Jonathan Pincus, Professor Scott Prasser, Professor Dean Jaensch, Professor James Allan, John Nethercote, Hon John Hatzistergos, Hon Bruce Debelle, Alan Anderson, Sir David Smith]

Volume 20 : 2008 : Sydney : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Hon Ian Callinan, Dr Nicholas Aroney, Professor James Allan, Paul Sheehan, Peter Faris, Hon George Brandis, Alan Oxley, Dr Matt Harvey, Professor David Flint, Professor John McGinniss, Dr Anne Twomey, Professor Kenneth Wiltshire, Sir David Smith]

Volume 19 : 2007 : Melbourne : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Geoffrey Blainey, Julian Leeser, John Gava, Jes Allan, Eddy Gisonda, David Hill, Ben Davies, Charles Parkinson, Paul Houlihan, Anne Twomey, Michael Manetta, Geoffrey Partington, Sir David Smith]

Volume 18 : 2006 : Canberra : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Dyson Heydon, Michael Kirby, Tom Hughes, David Jackson, Julian Leeser, Jes Allan, Ben Davies, David Flint, Janet Albrechtsen, Stuart Wood, Gary Johns, John Roskam, Sir David Smith]

Volume 17 : 2005 : Coolangatta : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Paul de Jersey, Kevin Lindeberg, Suri Ratnapala, Bruce Grundy, John Nethercote, Sir David Smith, Andrew Fraser, John Forbes, Bob Bottom, Bryan Pape, Dominic Katter, Gregory Rose, Sir Harry Gibbs]

Volume 16 : 2004 : Perth : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Bill Hassell, Harry Evans, Malcolm Mackerras, Ray Evans, Michael Connor, Sir David Smith, Gregory Melleuish, Greg Craven, Rob O'Connor, Alex Gardner, Bob Catley, Sir Harry Gibbs]

Volume 15 : 2003 : Adelaide : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Ian Callinan, Len King, Trevor Griffin, Geoffrey de Q Walker, Peter Reith, Peter Howell, Philip Ayres, Sir Harry Gibbs, Nick Minchin, Julian Leeser, Geoffrey Partington, Keith Windschuttle, David Flint]

Volume 14 : 2002 : Sydney : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Murray Gleeson, Geoffrey de Q Walker, Nicholas Aroney, Kenneth Handley, David Flint, John McMillan, Philip Ruddock, Piers Akerman, Lloyd Waddy, Stephen Hall, Janet Albrechtsen, Steven Franks, Sir Harry Gibbs]

Volume 13 : 2001 : Melbourne : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Sir Harry Gibbs, Frank McGrath, Bob Birrell, Keith Windschuttle, John Forbes, Jonathan Pincus, Des Moore, Harry Evans, David Flint, John Paul, Sir David Smith, Bob Catley]

Volume 12 : 2000 : Sydney : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Sir Harry Gibbs, Peter Walsh, Max Bradford , Ray Evans, Ruth McColl, Denis Burke, Sir David Smith, Peter Ryan, Nancy Stone, Malcolm Mackerras, Geoffrey Blainey, David Flint, Kenneth Minogue]

Volume 11 : 1999 : Sydney : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, David Flint, Greg Craven, Sir David Smith, Michael Warby, Sir Harry Gibbs, Gary Johns, Roderick Meagher, John Forbes, Geoffrey Partington, Ray Evans, Malcolm Mackerras, Philip Ayres]

Volume 10 : 1998 : Brisbane : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Rob Borbidge, Sir David Smith, Suri Ratnapala, David Russell, Ian Holloway, Peter Connolly, John Forbes, Colin Howard, Barry Maley, Brian Galligan, Alan Wood, Geoffrey de Q. Walker, Sir Harry Gibbs, Kenneth Minogue]

Volume 9 : 1997 : Perth : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Richard Court |, S. E. K. Hulme, John Forbes, Sir Harry Gibbs, Austin Gough, Padraic Pearse McGuinness, Bhajan Grewal, Peter Walsh, Paul Albrecht, Greg Craven, David Flint, Stephen Davis, Trevor Sykes]

Volume 8 : 1997 : Canberra : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Sir Harry Gibbs, Gabriel Moens, Jeffrey Goldsworthy, Colin Howard, Greg Craven, Harry Evans, Amy McGrath, Sir David Smith, John Wheeldon, John Forbes, Roger Sandall, S E K Hulme]

Volume 7 : 1996 : Adelaide : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Dean Brown, Colin Howard, Greg Craven, David Jull, Peter Howell, John Forbes, Chris Humphry, Ray Evans, Christopher Pearson, David Trebeck , Greg Cutbush, Sir Garfield Barwick, Sir Harry Gibbs, Alan Jones, Geoffrey Blainey, Judith Sloan]

Volume 6 : 1995 : Melbourne : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Jan Wade, Sir Garfield Barwick, S E K Hulme, Des Moore, Greg Craven, Colin Howard, Austin Gough, Sir Harry Gibbs, Ken Minogue, Harry Evans, Patrick O'Brien, John Nethercote]

Volume 5 : 1995 : Sydney : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Peter Coleman, Colin Howard, George Winterton, Michael Coper, John Hirst, Bruce Knox, Sir Harry Gibbs, Sir David Smith, Ted Mack, Philip Ayres, Sir Garfield Barwick]

Volume 4 : 1994 : Brisbane : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, S E K Hulme, Geoffrey Partington, John Forbes, Colin Howard, Ian Callinan, Rod Kemp, Ray Evans, Lloyd Waddy, Geoffrey de Q Walker, David Russell, Sir Harry Gibbs]

Volume 3 : 1993 : Fremantle : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Richard Court, Colin Howard, Graeme Campbell, Bevan Lawrence, Peter Boyce, Geoffrey Bolton, Campbell Sharman, John Howard, Sir Harry Gibbs, Roderick Meagher, Paul Hasluck]

Volume 2 : 1993 : Melbourne : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Jeff Kennett, Frank Knopfelmacher, John Hirst, Jack Waterford, Bill Hassell, Peter Connolly, S E K Hulme, Wolfgang Kasper, Sir Harry Gibbs, Colin Howard, Peter Durack, John Paul]

Volume 1 : 1992 : Melbourne : Contents and downloads

[Contributors: John Stone, Harry Gibbs, Peter Connolly, John Stone, Hugh M Morgan, S E K Hulme, Greg Craven, Frank Devine, David Chessell, Mark Cooray, Colin Howard, Sir David Smith, John Paul, Bruce A Knox, Alan Frost]