Our Aims

• To defend the Australian Constitution against all who would attempt to undermine it.

• To oppose the further centralisation of power in Canberra.

• To restore the authority of Parliament as against the Executive.

• To defend the independence of the Judiciary.

• To foster and support any reforms of Australia’s constitutional arrangements which would help achieve these objectives.

• To promote discussion on constitutional matters to establish a clear position in support of the decentralisation of government power.

• To encourage a wider understanding throughout the community of the Constitution and the nation’s achievement under it.

• To arrange conferences , hold meetings, publish papers and generally inform people of the importance of these objectives.

Immediate Objectives

• The need, in view of the excessive expansion of Commonwealth power, to redress the federal balance in favour of the States and to decentralise decision making.

• The need to safeguard judicial independence in light of increasing tendencies towards government encroachment thereon.

• The need to reassert the role of Parliament (including that of the Speaker and the President of the Senate) vis-a-vis the Executive.

• The need to review the financial arrangements between the Commonwealth and the States with a view to achieving a more equitable and efficient division of taxation power and a greater sense of financial responsibility on the part of all governments.

• The need to redress the duplication of bureaucracy by clearly defining the respective spheres of Commonwealth and State interest and by eliminating Commonwealth influence in matters that should be the primary concern of the States.

• The need to consider and as appropriate develop alternative methods of constitutional amendment, such as States’ initiatives.